“He holds the highest ethical standards”
Hugh Fraser is a driven, creative, detail-oriented leader.  He is a first rate problem-solver and someone you would definitely call in a time of need.  I have learned much in my interactions with Hugh. I would entrust Hugh to handle important matters with care and expertise.  He holds the highest ethical standards.                                  
                                       Lori Watson, Ph.D.
                           Director of Women's and                            Gender Studies
                           Associate Professor
                        Department of Philosophy
                         University of San Diego


“His Voice is always governed by Wisdom”
Hugh Fraser is the Go To Guy when it comes to understanding a project, clearly defining project objectives and executing in real time the steps toward completion. In an academic environment of hundreds of capable souls, Hugh Fraser stands heads above others in getting it, shaping it and making it happen. 
                   Neil L. Siegel, M.L.S.
                            Reference Librarian                           Elizabeth Sturm Library
            Truckee Meadows Community              College

“He is a verbal alchemist”
Hugh Fraser can intellectually separate the wheat from the chaff. When a company is faced with a complex managerial dilemma, that skill is invaluable.

As a consultant, Hugh Fraser is a quick study and can help an organization see patterns in its business that might be invisible to its own management. As a writing consultant or copywriter, Mr. Fraser can identify a company's essential nature and put it into words. To the uninitiated, this is magic.

To articulate a thing is to make it real. Hugh Fraser does this for individuals and for corporations. Mr. Fraser combines the style of a classically trained writer from academia with the efficiency of a no-nonsense communicator from the business world. He is extremely easy to work with and will always provide sound logical reasoning for any advice he provides.

Hugh Fraser took a long paragraph out of our product brochure and turned it into a sentence. There was nothing left out. He is a verbal alchemist.

We always loved both our website and our company's brochures. After Mr. Fraser scrubbed our copy and applied his quantitative system to our marketing materials, we realized that our message had been needlessly confusing. Now, our potential customers actually read the stuff. What a concept!

                                    Todd Cramer
                              Zodiac Cover Pools Inc.
                       Salt Lake City, Utah


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“A Man of exceptional character”
I have known Hugh Fraser personally and had a professional relationship with him for years. He is a man of exceptional character who is always upfront and above all else is honest, which is a quality that, in my opinion, is in short supply these days.

Hugh worked tirelessly as a Board Member for a homeowners association, which I managed professionally, where he held the position of both Secretary and Treasurer. In that time, through his diligence, the association became financially solvent, where prior to his involvement; it was in a very serious financial state. His work has ensured that the HOA will meet its goals into the distant future.

Hugh has also advised me with issues involving my company and his unique interpretation and recommendations have always proven effective and profitable. 
                                            Chris Stapleton
Providence, LLC