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  Do you need a Newsletter?


If you have or want to retain customers, then a NEWSLETTER is an effective, inexpensive strategy.

With it...

  • You can inform
  • You can update
  • You can connect

And most of all...

  • ​You have a "lifetime" strategy for expanding your customer base

​Remember, customers that connect are usually loyal AND ...

They tell their associates and friends!

Don't let one customer escape the gravitational pull of your business.

Let a Marketing Forces Newsletter reach out to all your loyal and all your new customers!

So you can 'build" your sales and "build" your market presence.

Hugh Fraser's copywriting skills bring excellence to your copy. They key only on important content that increases conversion rates and makes your marketing message clear.

David McCamant
Graphic Designer &
Contemporary Artist

This is awesome stuff. I do so appreciate [you] taking the time to look at it [my website]. I'm really looking forward to putting your suggestions [Home Page Content] into action.

Jim Jenkins
Small Business Consultant,
Go Daddy



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