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                      April-May 2017 
"Lead Generation"


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With April comes the spring showers.

New beginnings. New paths to travel. New ways to see things.

A time to consider change. A time to ramp up your business. And begin to bring the                             force of "Lead Generation" to bear upon your sale efforts.

 That's this month's topic - an exploration of ways to capture potential customers.

 Never forget ... "Lead Generation" is at the center of business survival.

 Enjoy the perspective...

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  Hugh Fraser M.A.

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 P.S. "When on a journey turn not back." Pythagoras


Oxygen for your Business

Lead Generation ... the best sales strategy for ongoing revenue

Warning: Neglect this all-important marketing force and your competitors salivate.


Because competitors love to capture the competition's leads.

Edging further into your market.

So ... building your customer list is a must.

And remember, "your" own list always converts better than a purchased list.

Your number one goal is to generate traffic. Then your next goal is to convert that traffic. Some will buy. Some will wait. Somer may buy in the distant future. But no matter ... because you'll have their name and email address for future prospecting.

And that's where the real bunker-busting marketing begins. Once you capture a name, a relationship can begin. And offers can be made ... repeatedly.

But your offer must reach "potential" customers. The kind generated from your lists. Not a day should go buy without trying to capture a prospect's name and email address. Online. In a store. By a salesman. In an ad. By referral. By an opt-in form.

Let's list the benefits of such a program:

  • Drive traffic to your website for more sales
  • Generate more revenue with follow-up strategies
  • Email automatically for market penetration
  • Create more "offer" channels for more sales
  • Reposition for competitive advantage
  • Track your results and make adjustments ... as needed

If you're not building a list you're holding a yard sale - one and done.

And that's doing it the hard way.

If there's one thing that makes a difference, it's a plan.

And the one plan that makes total sense is a Lead Generation Plan.

Here are more ways to capture an email address and gain competitive advantage:

  • Write powerful FREE incentive offers
  • Create a squeeze or landing page
  • Opt-in forms
  • Pay-per click
  • Mailers (letters, postcards, flyers...)
  • Ads (TV, radio, newspaper, journals, magazines, web,...)
  • Godfather Offers
  • Buying Programs

Just so you know ... there are vendors to manage this program for you.

No longer does the "build it they will come" strategy work.

It's now build it ... rebuild it ... market it ... Rebuild it again ... market it again.

Give "Lead Generation" some consideration ... then make it happen.