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This is awesome stuff. I do so appreciate [you] taking time to look at it [my website]. I'm really looking forward to putting your suggestions {Home Page Content] into action.

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Hugh Fraser's copywriting skills bring excellence to your copy. They key only on impotent content that increases conversion rates and makes your marketing message clear.

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7 Copywriting Questions Answered


Apply First Wave's Copywriting Strategies

to build your Sales Message

  Today ... build a powerful content strategy.
  Tomorrow ... continue to look for ways to present your product or services.  
  Never let up.
  Keep your focus on the horizon of opportunity.
  Enlist the professional guidance of an expert copywriter and strategic
  Let peace of mind come to you ... it happens  ... confidence builds ...
  When you work with a professional copywriter.  Contact me

7 Copywriting Questions Answered:

  1. What is a copywriter?
  An individual with a precise writing skill to increase reader
  response to a  variety of products and services. A copywriter should be
  trained specifically in the art of persuasion. A writing background alone isn’t
  2. What skills are the most important?
  The Art of Persuasion. [Writer: Put money in the bank; Copywriter: Build
  financial security] [Writer: great location; Copywriter: Safe neighborhood.] 
  3. What other experience is important?
  Real world experience. Copywriting is not a glass bubble business.
  Experience in the business sector can be critical. The copywriter needs to
  understand products and services and bring the copywriting perspective to
  those elements. Expert Copywriter with business experience
  4. What can I expect?
  Professional interaction. Access. An analysis of your situation. A strategic
  plan --- with follow up! Increased Competitive Advantage; greater sales.
  5. Fee or Per Hour?
  You will see both types of pricing.
  I prefer a fee schedule. Easily understood.
  6. Do I need a copywriter?
  Maybe not? But you might need someone to revise what you have written.
  That lowers your cost.
  7. What about all the technical stuff surrounding copywriting –
  Conversion rates, SEO, PPC, White Papers etc.
  All important, but without strong Headlines and targeted copy those things
  will mean little. They’re part of the strategy, but everything begins and ends
   with the written word.
  Once that’s in place, then everything else should  follow.