Not all Copywriters are Created Equal
There are writers and then there are copywriters. There are graphic artists who design and write content. But neither the writer nor the graphic artist is schooled in the "art of persuasion."

That's why the professional copywriter is the right choice.
But caution again.
Not all copywriters are equal.

Some call themselves copywriters because they took a marketing class or majored in English. Maybe even read a few books. Took a webinar or two. Teleconferenced. Study the web for information.

Judging from the number of websites that need content improvement there are a lot of writers who simply don't understand the rules of content optimization or competitive advantage. 

So much of what's on the net is unreadable. Not poorly written, but unreadable because of word selection, word grouping, spacing or formatting.
And the business is unaware of this. They're happy. Someone wrote their content.

“Content Optimization” drives a true copywriter's toolkit.  What's the message? What's the core value of the business? How to present the information clearly. How to keep the site visitor or reader engaged.
How to move someone to action.

"Content optimization" creates "Competitive Advantage -- that's the secret to success.
If ... and only if ... your product or service is unique.
But what if it isn't unique. What then? Well ...
That's where the professional copywriter helps you create the USP -- the unique selling position! This helps separate your product or service from the competition.
Creating "Competitive Advantage":
The one clear goal of all copy.
Let me help you get there.  A quick email and we can get started ...

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This is awesome stuff. I do so appreciate [you] taking time to look at it [my website]. I'm really looking forward to putting your suggestions {Home Page Content] into action.

Jim Jenkins
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Hugh Fraser's copywriting skills bring excellence to your copy. They key only on important content that increases conversion rates and makes your marketing message clear..

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