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This is awesome stuff. I so appreciate [you] taking time to look at it [my website]. I'm really looking forward to putting your suggestions [Home Page Content] into action.

Jim Jenkins
Small Business Consultant, Inbound
​Go Daddy

Hugh Fraser's copywriting skills bring excellence to your copy. They key only on important content that increases conversion rates and makes your marketing message clear.

David McCamant
Graphic Designer &
Contemporary Artist



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Let me help boost your Website Marketing with these three steps:

Step One:
Review your website home page ... in detail

Step Two:
Create your "new" customer-centric website home page ... that includes a compelling message ... and optimum placement of copy

Step Three:

It's that simple.
But each step requires a "Customer Benefit Analysis."

Or "What's in it for the customer." 

Remember, your home page isn't about you. It's about them -- your customers.

Trust me, I can help you get there. I can help you create a
customer-focused Home Page.

One that pulls customers in ... instead of driving them away.

That's my ironclad commitment to you.

P.S. Yes ... if other pages need help, no problem, but first, let's fix your Home Page!

P.P.S. And ... if you need a "Newsletter," let's do it! Let's nurture your existing customers.

Briefly, about Hugh Fraser:

To start, Hugh worked 19 years  in Customer Service Management and Distribution Management.

Plus he worked as a Community College English professor for 17 + years. And served as English Department Chair for eight years and two years as Director/Dean of Liberal Arts.

He was voted Teacher of the Year and was nominated for Regent Teacher of the Year twice.

Hugh earned a B.S. in Business and holds an M.A. in English. 

Hugh is a "Masters" level AWAI trained professional copywriter and SEO certified with the SEO Content Institute.

He has written four self published novels that are all available on Amazon.

​And has penned a comic book story for Walt Disney studios ...

And wrote a Popeye cartoon script -- Invisible Popeye -- for Format Films.

​Hugh also launched a newspaper product called The General Store

Then he launched a seminar company called Writing Dynamics for Business

And finally, he helped create a nutritional products company named Life Factors International