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Every Website Needs Optimization"

 So many websites try to impress with fancy fonts, colors, pictures, graphics,

  even videos. All can be compelling.

  Okay ... but what about the message. That's what moves visitors to act.
  Site visitors don't buy because of colors or attractive graphics.
  They may pause ... take them in ... before they click away or continue
  Did you get that -- scanning? That's why the content has to be developed
  and optimized. Scanning isn't reading.
  Your message must be dead on. Pitch perfect. Aimed right at the visitor's
  deep desire. It must clutch the throat and drive the visitor's interest to keep
  The points listed here are important. Ponder them. Consider them. Even
  implement them -- where appropriate.

  14 Key Points to Consider:
  1. Optimize your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) online copywriting.
  2. Identify and communicate the "right" Message.
  3. Create urgent "Calls to Action" [these can improve conversion rates up to 150%].
  4. Employ "new" online copywriting strategies.
  5. Bring greater written clarity to your web message.
  6. Create real "Guarantees."
  7. Present substantial $$ "Offer(s)" [Beyond Important!].
  8. Your copy should read without any bumps -- it should be seamless. No halts, hesitations or uncertainties. Read it out loud. Test it by having someone else read your text.​
  9. Give the customer more than expected.
  10. Get creative with your "Premiums."
  11. Multiply the selling power of a feature through a benefit.
  12. Does your Home Page clearly indicate your unique "value" as a business.
  13. Where are you sending your online prospects" To a Landing Page? To the Home Page? To a Sales Page?
  14. Position your copy correctly on each page. Email me

This is awesome stuff. I do so much appreciate [you] taking time to look at it [my website]. I'm really looking forward to putting your suggestions {Home Page Content] into action.
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